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Arsenal Star Ozil and wife pay for surgery for 1,000 needy children

Arsenal Star Ozil and wife pay for surgery for 1,000 needy children

By Naveel Krishant
Sunday 09/06/2019
Mesut Ozil and his wife Amine Gulse

Arsenal star Mesut Ozil and his wife  Amine Gulse marked their wedding with a gesture to help children around the world.

The couple, who got married earlier this week, are paying for 1,000 children to have life‑changing surgery.

Ozil has chosen to forego receiving traditional gifts and asked guests to donate to a charity which funds operations for children in developing countries who suffer from burns, club feet and cleft lip and palate.

In 2014, OZil donated his 2014 World Cup winnings ‑ an estimated £240,000 ‑ to pay for 23 Brazilian children to have surgery.

Ozil says as a professional footballer he is in a fortunate and privileged position and he invited everyone who is willing and able to help to support a very special project close to his and his wife’s heart.

He says he and his wife will bear the expenses for surgeries of 1,000 children in need.


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