13th November 02:16 AM
Yongqing Bao wins Wildlife Photographer of the Year
By Naveel Krishant
Wednesday 16/10/2019
[Photo: dailymail.co.uk]

Wheeling round, a look of utter shock on its face, a marmot jumps in fright after a young fox sneaks up behind it.

The split-second encounter between prey and predator – called the Moment – has won the man who captured it the title of Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Yongqing Bao, from Tibet, took the picture on a meadow in China's Qilian Mountains National Nature Reserve, beating 48,000 entries from 100 countries.

The marmot had seen the fox earlier in the morning but clearly thought the threat had disappeared when it ambled out of its burrow.

[Source: Dailymail] 


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