24th September 06:22 AM
Working without gender inequality will enable the successful conservation of our environment
By Monisha Chand
Thursday 09/05/2019
Conservator of Forests from the Ministry of Forestry, Sanjana Lal

Forests and mangroves support the livelihood of our people and if we work together without any gender inequality in place, we will successfully be able to conserve our environment.

This was highlighted by the Conservator of Forests from the Ministry of Forestry, Sanjana Lal while speaking at the FIJI REDD+ Gender Workshop at Holiday Inn today.

REDD+ FIJI is an NGO funded by the world bank to raise awareness amongst both men and women to work together in reducing carbon emmissions.

Lal says that women and men frequently have differing roles, responsibilities and priorities and in the use of knowledge and the experiences of forests, therefore this offers a critical input to policy and field interventions.

She adds that women are always suppressed of their inputs and so empowering women and creating enabling environments to foster effective participation will positively influence conservation and resource efficiency.

The Gender Action Plan that the workshop is planning to implement will address all factors that impede the ability of women participation in decision making and implementation while  monitoring and evaluating within their accounting areas.

She says that to ensure that this plan is put into action, it is crucial that deliberate and meaningful efforts are taken to ensure REDD+ actions are inclusive, fair and gender- responsive in both policy and in practice.


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