20th August 06:13 AM
We will be authorising FRA this afternoon to bring down some political billboards on public places - Saneem
By Naveel Krishant
Thursday 01/11/2018
Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem on Straight Talk earlier today

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem says they will be authorizing the Fiji Roads Authority this afternoon to bring down some political billboards that are on public places.

He made this comment on Straight Talk with our News Director Vijay Narayan earlier today.

Saneem says they have been informed by the Fiji Roads Authority about some billboards that have been placed on public areas but they do not have the authorization of the Supervisor of Elections.

Saneem says they wrote to the political parties yesterday and asked them to give them information as to where the billboards have been placed.

He says some parties have replied to them with the ownership of the property as to be private and they have accepted their response while some parties have not given any information.

The Supervisor says their findings are that these places are road reserves and the political parties do not have the authorization of billboards in these areas.

Saneem says they expect to remove these billboards by this afternoon with the help of Police.

He says the parties are clear about the campaign rules and they should educate their candidates on this.

Saneem says that the general public must respect every candidate that is standing in the elections.

We have sent questions to the Fiji Roads Authority and the Fiji Police Force.

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