20th January 01:59 PM
We were sent advisories to leave our houses but luckily wind direction changed - Perth resident Gaunavinaka
By Violet Matakibau/Dhanjay Deo
Saturday 11/01/2020
Aussies fight to keep not only their houses safe but do whatever they can for their neighbors and community

Australia continues to be devastated by the ongoing bushfires and while the shocking levels of destruction and loss of life have become global news, Australians are fighting to keep not only their houses safe, but do whatever they can for their neighbors and community.

Perth resident Folau Gaunavinaka who has links to Fiji confirms they were sent advisories yesterday to leave their houses. Luckily, however, he says wind direction changed and the fire is slowly dying down.

Gaunavinaka adds there were small bush-fires around Perth, however, it was not as bad as what his friends and family in Brisbane and Sydney are going through.

Meanwhile Communications Fiji Limited through its five radio stations - Legend FM, FM96, Navtarang, Radio Sargam and Viti FM and website, fijivillage.com has started the CFL Australia Bushfire Victims Appeal.

CFL has decided to start this appeal as Australia being one of our closest neighbours is going through one of the most difficult times in its history as almost 2,000 houses have been destroyed in months-long bushfire crisis and at least 25 people and millions of animals have died since September last year.

The bushfires in Australia are expected to continue for the next few months which will bring more devastation.

Thousands of Australian families have lost their homes, farms, businesses. Far worse, some people have lost loved ones.

We are calling on all Fijians in Fiji and abroad to become part of CFL’s Australia Bushfire Victim Appeal and donate to help our brothers and sisters in Australia.

Funds raised through CFL’s Australia Bushfire Victims Appeal will be given to the Australian Red Cross.

Donations can be made through deposits in Westpac account number 9800935794.

People can also make donations through their M-PAiSA account by using the M-PAiSA app where people will have to go to the business payment section and select Australia Bushfire Appeal and enter the amount.

People can also bring their cash donations to CFL’s home at 231 Waimanu Road, Suva.

The appeal closes at 6pm next Saturday.

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