25th February 12:14 AM
Three sugar mills crush over 1.4 million tonnes of sugar cane till the 28th of last month
By Pratika Mala
Sunday 03/11/2019

The three sugar mills have crushed a total of 1,405,775 tonnes of sugar cane and produced 135,610 tonnes of sugar till the 28th of last month.

FSC has however highlighted that the start-stop nature of crushing operations, the high level of burnt cane received, wet conditions and delayed cane in the system have again affected production.

FSC adds results of cane quality received at the factory are starting to indicate a decline in the level of incoming cane and juice purity.

According to FSC, the Lautoka Sugar Mill has crushed 497,320 tonnes of cane and produced 45,648 tonnes of sugar.

FSC says apart from the scheduled mill stop for Diwali, the factory incurred inside stops, attributed to plant issues at the boiler station and 90% of cane received was burnt.

Rarawai Mill has crushed 361,150 tonnes of cane and produced 34,122 tonnes of sugar.

Rarawai mill operations were also impacted by the scheduled stop for Diwali and intermittent factory stoppages due to issues with boilers and the crushing station.

94% of sugar cane received during week 16 operations were burnt.

Labasa has crushed 547,305 tonnes of cane and produced 55,840 tonnes of sugar.

Factory operations in during week 20 were impacted by the scheduled Diwali shutdown and rain although factory operations were well managed.

FSC says the amount of burnt cane received at the Labasa mill is also an ongoing concern, especially with the wet conditions.

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