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TSLB extends certain TELS deadlines

TSLB extends certain TELS deadlines

By Pratika Mala
Saturday 18/01/2020

The Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board says deadlines for applications for certain schemes under the Tertiary Education Loans Scheme and submission of rent agreement has been extended.

They say the application deadlines for Tertiary Education Loans Scheme for new as well as existing students is now 24th January, while the deadline for the Tertiary Education Loans Scheme for Technical Colleges of Fiji is now the 31st of this month.

TSLB says applications for the National Toppers Scheme Scholarship and the Scholarship Scheme for Students with Special Needs are now closed for the academic year 2020.

Similarly, applications for all other Tertiary Education Loans Schemes are now closed for academic term 1 of this year.

Applications for these TELS Schemes will reopen in May this year for those who wish to commence their studies from academic term 2.

TSLB says the extension to the due dates have been made in light of the unfavorable weather conditions faced by the country since the beginning of this year which may have prevented some eligible Fijians from applying before the previously set deadlines.

It says students who are applying for rent allowances under TELS are reminded that they need to submit their Justice of Peace or Commissioner for Oaths witnessed signed and FRCS stamped rent agreements to TSLB by no later than the 7th of next month.

With classes for Semester 1 and Quarter 1 for most institutions commencing on 3rd of next month TSLB says it allows students adequate time to make arrangements with their landlords for the completion of the same.

TSLB will process the TELS applications for students who have applied for rent allowance subject to the Study Where You Live (Zoning Policy).

It adds for those that are yet to upload the FRCS stamped rent agreements, TSLB will continue to process the same by reducing the rent allowance to Zero.

As such students who are relocating for study purposes since the program of their choice is not offered in their locality and have applied for the rental allowance, but have not uploaded the FRCS stamped agreement should not be alarmed if the TSLB approved TELS offer letter states Zero for the rent allowances.

However, TSLB says once the students submit the FRCS stamped agreement and subject to the Study Where You Live Policy, the rental allowance will be updated on their records and payments will be made accordingly. Students are encouraged to apply early, enroll early and submit their rental agreements as soon as possible so that a part of their allowances for academic term 1 of 2020 can be paid a few days before the commencement of their classes.


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