24th January 11:26 PM
Students who applied for tertiary scholarship and loans urged to submit final offer letter and ID number to TSLB
By Naveel Krishant
Thursday 09/01/2020

Students who have applied for the National Toppers Scholarship, Tertiary Education Loans Scheme and the Scholarship Scheme for Students with Special Needs are urged to urgently obtain their final program offer letter from the eligible Higher Education Institution of their choice and submit it to the Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board.

TSLB is reminding students that their application will only be processed upon submission of the final offer letter to TSLB with the student ID number. They say students who are yet to submit their offer letter or have uploaded the provisional offer letter should immediately contact their preferred Higher Education Institution and check on the progress of their application and the program offer letter.

They say with classes for most of the institutions commencing in the first week of February 2020 , a delay in the submission of the offer letter to TSLB will delay the processing of their applications, which may also delay the payment of tuition and allowances by TSLB.

TSLB says once the offer letter is received, students are required to scan the letter and upload the same on their online application portal adding to upload their offer letter, the students must log in to their TSLB account using the same user name and password that they used for registration and application. After logging in, students must update their program choice as per the offer letter and upload a copy of the offer letter.

Students are further advised to log in to their TSLB account and check for any incomplete components of their application and ensure that the applications are 100% complete and atthe processing stage.

TSLB says it is important for the students to note that TSLB shall not be held responsible for delays in the processing of applications, tuition and allowances due to a delay in the students submitting their final program offer letter, completion of their applications and also late registration for the courses respectively.

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