24th February 11:37 PM
Some retailers selling fireworks at misleading prices where advertised prices did not match Point-of-Sale price
By Vijay Narayan
Thursday 17/10/2019

The Consumer Council of Fiji has found through their market surveillance that some retailers are selling fireworks at misleading prices where the in-house advertised prices did not match the Point-of-Sale price.

Council CEO Seema Shandil says fireworks are already quite expensive for most consumers in Fiji, and to top it off, traders are duping them by charging extra at the Point of Sale.

Shandil says this is a clear act of misleading the consumers.

She says it is also extremely worrying to see few traders selling fireworks which are labelled in a foreign language without any English translation.

Shandil says fireworks are dangerous therefore it is advisable for consumers to purchase fireworks which has instructions written in the English language.

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