16th October 09:52 PM
Schools told to organise after exam activities to ensure that students remain engaged
By Vijay Narayan and Pratika Mala
Wednesday 18/09/2019

The Ministry of Education is encouraging all parents and guardians to send their children to school after students finish their exams as all schools have been told to organise after exam activities to ensure that the students remain engaged.

Fijivillage had earlier received queries from some parents that their children's teachers have advised them that it is fine for the children to attend school a few days a week after the exams.

Several parents have also raised serious concerns about a lack of programs in schools to keep students occupied and engaged after their examinations. The concern is that due to this, truancy could increase and there is also a danger that some students may even get involved in illegal activities as there are no engaging school activities.

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When questioned by Fijivillage, Minister for Education Rosy Akbar has made it clear that the Ministry has prepared guides for all schools with ideas on how to keep all students fully engaged in both academic and extra‑curricular activities after examinations.

Akbar adds some areas of academic focus include but are not limited to literacy and numeracy, family life, Constitution and citizenship education, financial and enterprise education, careers and computing.

She further adds that Heads of Schools and teachers are free to tap into their wealth of creativity to come up with ideas to engage students on other important issues such as climate change while also promoting healthy nutrition and physical activity.

The Minister says guides also give ample time to focus on social issues such as drug awareness, a healthy approach and attitude towards social media, cultural education, water, fire and road safety, dealing with abuse and trauma, suicide awareness and gardening.

She says primary schools will also be busy preparing for the National Athletics Championships to help identify our future National Sporting heroes.

Akbar further says all students will be given the opportunity to try out various games and sports, arts and music.

She highlighted that a special segment has been allocated to teach the children the lyrics of the National Anthem in our vernacular languages.

Akbar encourages every parent and guardian to send their child to school as they anticipate teachers will offer enriching experiences which break the myth that the last weeks of Term 3 are uneventful.

She has highlighted that concerned parents and guardians can access these guides on the Ministry of Education website with the following link: http://www.education.gov.fj/after‑exam‑activities.

External and National Annual Examinations start next Monday.


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