24th September 01:04 AM
Saneem reveals total of 72% voters turned up to vote for 2018 General Elections
By Faria Begum
Wednesday 21/11/2018
Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem

The Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem has revealed that a total of 72% of voters turned up to vote for the 2018 General Elections.

He says the total number of votes cast in the 2018 General Elections is 458,532.

Saneem says the number of invalid votes cast was 4,197 which makes it 0.92%.

He says for the 2018 General Elections they are still well below the 1% in terms of invalid votes despite the reduction in the voter turnout.

In terms of other statistics, there were 1,436 polling venues, 2,173 polling stations and ballot boxes and 371 accredited media for the General Elections.

Saneem says that to ensure that the voters knew how to vote and when to vote, the Fijian Elections Office conducted 3,069 awareness sessions, 107 press conferences, 43 press releases were sent out and there were 77 accredited international observers for the General Elections.

A total of 56 women contested in the 2018 General Elections and got a total of 25,618 votes.

Saneem has also revealed that the Fijian Elections Office will be updating the FEO results app in order to add some information to the app.

This information will list results with respect to government boundaries which differs from the Fijians Elections Office boundaries.

Saneem has also revealed that till date, the Fijian Elections Office has paid a total of 8,894 elections officials and 330 counting officials.

He says it will take the Fijian Elections Office 21 days to pay all the officials.

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