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Saneem presents evidence and dismisses claims made by SODELPA, NFP, Unity Fiji and the Fiji Labour Party
By Naveel Krishant
Saturday 17/11/2018
Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem has called the claims made by SODELPA, NFP, Unity Fiji and the Fiji Labour Party as hogwash and urged them not to play around with the elections.

He made these comments while responding to their claims that the Fijian Elections Office results from Namosi Village Community Hall which was a pre-poll venue, do not match the party results.

Saneem says the counting of this station was done at the Count Centre at the FMF Gymnasium.

Saneem showed everyone at the press conference the Pink Slip and the Original Protocol of results which was signed by the Presiding Officer and three witnesses.

Saneem compared the results on their app, the pink slip, the original protocol of results and the parties record.

The records on the app, the pink slip and the original protocol of result was similar while the parties record did not match with the records of the Elections Office.

He says the party agents were at the Count Centre where they recorded the results.

Saneem says it is very important the parties tell the truth and he says they have no credibility.

Saneem says he is still waiting for evidence from Fiji Labour Party Leader Mahendra Chaudhry on the claims he made in the last elections.

Saneem adds that counting was done manually.

He says they should relook at their strategy as the results are not fully out yet and what if they win the elections tomorrow.

He claims that the parties allege that Jane Prentice one of the co-chairs of the Multinational National Observer Group has left the country , however she was present at the press conference.

Saneem says that NADRA was not used in counting.

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