22nd February 07:46 PM
Police and Water Safety Council announce working relationship
By Ronal Deo
Tuesday 21/10/2014
Director Water Safety Council of Fiji Litiana Loabuka and Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald

There have been 36 drowning cases in the country this year.

75 percent of the victims were males.

Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald and Director Water Safety Council of Fiji Litiana Loabuka yesterday called a Joint Media Conference where they announced that they now have a working relationship to reduce drowning cases.

It has been confirmed that from November to April, 71 percent of Fiji’s drowning deaths occurred as people are not keeping watch on their toddlers, children, friends and family when they are in and around rivers, creeks and the ocean.

The Police Commissioner confirmed that 30 percent of those who died due to drowning this year were aged between 17 and 35 years while 19 percent were those aged six years and younger.

Groenewald also stressed that parents should always take full responsibility for their children.

Director Water Safety Council of Fiji Litiana Loabuka said men aged 27 and 37 years of age have already accounted for 27 percent of this year’s drownings.

She said people who were professionals or good swimmers also lost their lives.

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