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PM's talanoa session with Fijian community in Sydney was held uninterrupted while a group protested outside

PM's talanoa session with Fijian community in Sydney was held uninterrupted while a group protested outside

By Vijay Narayan and Dhanjay Deo
Saturday 14/09/2019
Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama during his talanoa session with the Fijian community in Sydney [Photo:Fijian Government]

Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama says there are few sights more inspiring than a community whose love of country has not been deemed by the years nor the distance that separates them from their homeland.

Bainimarama has posted this on his official facebook account after his talanoa session with the Fijian community in Sydney last night.

Fijivillage has seen footage of the talanoa session being held uninterrupted while a group of around 50 members of the Fijian community were seen protesting outside the venue.

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Bainimarama says he saw the love of country on full display last night from the Fijian community attending the talanoa session in Sydney.

He says it speaks to the strength of the Fijian spirit that we’re able to come together, wherever we are in the world, to celebrate who we are and the nation we love — a nation that will always be a home to the members of our diaspora community.

Bainimarama also thanked all those who joined the talanoa.

He says the high words of praise, the comments, and the concerns were all welcome.

Bainimarama has also cleared doubts about Fiji’s financial sustainability and reassured the Fijian community in Sydney of the health of the Fijian economy.

In his talanoa session last night, Bainimarama told the former Fiji residents that Fiji is not what it was fifteen years ago and that they are supporting businesses to allow for cashless transactions and utilise e‑payment gateways to step into the world of digital commerce.

Bainimarama has also urged members of the Fijian community in Sydney to consider investing in their home country.

While addressing them Sydney’s Holiday Inn in Warwick Farm, Bainimarama stated that Fiji’s cities are modernising, services are becoming more available and reliable, networks of infrastructure and consumer choices are expanding, businesses are growing bigger, and higher-paying jobs are being made available.

He says young Fijians are stepping into an economy where their most ambitious dreams can become a reality, and they are making themselves heard in a democracy where their rights cannot be infringed and their voices cannot be silenced.

He adds that those who are considering reclaiming their Fijian citizenship, they have just received the new Fijian e‑passports.

The Prime Minister and his delegation will meet Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison at a church service tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, two protesters, Suliasi Daunitutu and Jason Narayan tried to get into the venue but they were told that the Australian Federal Police had said everyone attending had to RSVP for the event.

The protesters are then seen in the video calling for the Prime Minister to resign saying there should be no assault, they are also heard swearing repeatedly and singing hymns and people are also heard saying that they should swear in the itaukei language as the Australian Police Officers continued to keep them away from the talanoa session venue.

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