PM tells opposition they cannot undo the great achievements of his government

PM tells opposition they cannot undo the great achievements of his government

By Naveel Krishant
Monday 18/11/2019
Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama [Photo:Fijian Government]

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has told the opposition that they cannot undo the great achievements of his government.

While responding to the opening address by the President, he told the opposition they cannot rob the people of their common identity.

He says the opposition cannot walk into a Year 6 classroom and tell those young folks they are not all Fijian.

The Prime Minister says the opposition cannot tell the students their merit and hard work will be ignored because they do not have the right background or the right last name, the right connections, they are not from the right province or they do not have enough money.

Bainimarama also says global growth may well be slowing , we will surely feel the impacts but the growth of our economy is projected to be resilient.

Bainimarama says they are going to keep expanding, going to sustain and improve faith in our economic potential.

Bainimarama says they will continue to keep funding business ideas for new ventures and they will continue to listen to Fijian businesses and continue to respond with reforms.

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