18th August 11:45 AM
NFP's Iyer claims FijiFirst's Jokhan is dishonest while Jokhan says he has done nothing wrong
By Dhanjay Deo
Monday 22/10/2018
National Federation Party candidate Kamal Iyer and FijiFirst candidate Reginald Jokhan

The war of words continues between the candidates of National Federation Party and FijiFirst as we draw closer to the 2018 general elections.

Just a day after FijiFirst candidate Reginald Jokhan had claimed that NFP’s Leader Professor Biman Prasad owes him money from an alleged gentleman’s agreement in 2003, NFP has today come out saying that Reginald Jokhan urged dishonesty and exploitation of ordinary people by advising one of his clients seeking residential tenancy on how to beat the rent freeze and avoid any issues with Fiji Revenue and Customs Service.

NFP’s candidate Kamal Iyer says Jokhan told his client through an email on 17th August this year to seek as high rent as possible so that in future there won’t be any issues with Fiji Revenue and Customs Service or other bodies.

Iyer says Jokhan is encouraging unscrupulous practice and this is at the height of dishonesty by advising someone on how to beat the rent freeze adding Jokhan has no political morality, character and credibility.

When contacted by Fijivillage, Jokhan says he has not said anything illegal but has only advised a client who is investing money on his or her property.

Jokhan who is the Managing Director of Jokhan Realtors Limited says they had even said in the email to a client that the contract has to be stamped with Fiji Revenue Customs Service however the NFP has not touched on it where he is following the system by getting the client to pay Revenue and Customs the stamp duty.

NFP’s, Kamal Iyer maintains it is a dishonest practice from FijiFirst candidate, Reginald Jokhan where he is telling his client to engage in fraudulent practice and forcing would be tenants to pay exorbitant rent.

Iyer goes on to say it is laughable that this is the kind of candidate FijiFirst two men rule has selected, exploiting unsuspecting ordinary citizens.

Fijivillage has questioned Iyer whether this attack on Jokhan has to do with comments released by Jokhan where he had attacked NFP’s Biman Prasad.

Iyer says they received this email today and someone who must have heard Jokhan’s recent comments had the courtesy to forward Jokhan’s email.

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