16th October 10:25 PM
Municipalities begin dengue cleanup campaign
By Sheetal Kumar
Monday 01/12/2014

Health departments in the different municipalities around the country have started with their dengue cleanup campaign as the rainy season has started.

The Serua/Namosi subdivision have launched their cleanup campaign last Friday with the theme ‘let’s stop donating blood to mosquitoes and do a quick fix’

This was the follow up to the National Campaign launched last week by the Minister for Health and Medical Services Jone Usamate.

The dengue cleanup campaign is aimed at mobilizing and informing communities on proactive preparedness in eliminating dengue.

Sub Division Medical Officer Salote Cataka said Navua Sanitary Area had 113 cases of dengue from October 2013 till March this year which the district does not want to be repeated.

The Ministry of Health has continuously reminded people to destroy the breeding grounds of mosquitoes and a collective approach is the best way forward for its accomplishment.

Meanwhile, more than 28,000 people were positively diagnosed and 14 deaths were recorded throughout Fiji with type 3 dengue virus by end of the dengue outbreak this year.

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