19th September 08:07 AM
Methodist Church President raises concerns on smaller churches and abuse of Kava by methodists
By Iva Danford
Monday 19/08/2019
He says that they even claim to be working with the village chiefs

The President of the Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma, Reverend Epineri Vakadewavosa has reminded members of the church not to use tradition as an excuse to abuse kava.

While opening the Annual Conference at Centenary Church today, Reverend Vakadewavosa says consumption of kava is still an issue that seriously needs to be addressed especially in the Church Minister’s quarters and church halls.

Reverend Vakadewavosa says that the church had earlier agreed in the Bose Ko Viti in 2013 that kava consumption in the Minister’s residence and halls should end at 10pm.

He also says that he is glad that kava consumption in the Church Ministers’ residence is not allowed in many divisions.

He says in 2014, they had also agreed that there is to be no kava consumption on Sundays until the evening service is done.

The President of the Methodist Church urged the members to keep Sunday holy and for them to refrain from abusing kava.

Meanwhile he has also stressed that some small denominations and church ministries are misleading people that they work hand in hand with the Methodist Church to gain popularity. He says that these small denominations push their way through and create conflicts.

Vakadewavosa SM jpg by Fijivillage CFL on 500px.com

He says that they even claim to be working with the village chiefs.

Reverend Vakadewavosa says these denominations are founded on cheap and sensitive principles that only bring about separation and discrimination.

The President of the Methodist Church also urged the Divisional Superintendents and Ministers to look into this issue and engage with their congregation to actively participate and learn about the word of God.

Reverend Vakadewavosa stresses that these small ministries and denominations will only thrive in places where the church leadership is weak.


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