24th September 06:26 AM
Loraini Vunisea wins FM96's Taylor Swift Challenge and gets to watch the singer live in Auckland
By Lena Reece
Thursday 13/09/2018
23-year old Loraini Vunisea won the FM96 Taylor Swift Challenge with Nestle

A Facebook post has made 23-year-old Loraini Vunisea’s dream of watching one of the world’s best singers live in concert come true.

Vunisea who is an Agriculture student at the Fiji National University has won the FM96 Taylor Swift Challenge with Nestle after commenting correctly the obsession the Grammy Award‑winning singer had with cats.

She says that she commented on the FM96 Facebook post to name an obsession that Taylor Swift had and she closely followed the page till she received a phone call on the 31st of last month.

While receiving her tickets this morning, Vunisea said that she was in so much disbelief the morning she received the call that she handed the phone to her mother to speak to FM96 Breakfast Show hosts Tony and Zoe.

Vunisea says that she hopes to treat her mum, Loraini Tora and take her to the Taylor Swift Concert that will be held on the 9th of November at MtSmart Stadium in Auckland.

Loraini will take her mum to watch Taylor Swift live in Auckland

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