24th August 07:34 AM
Judge acquits man charged with two counts of rape
By Naveel Krishant
Thursday 16/05/2019

High Court Judge, Justice Aruna Aluthge has acquitted a man who was charged with two counts of rape.

The alleged incidents happened on the 22nd of August last year, in Labasa.         

While giving his judgement, Justice Aluthge says the victim was evasive and did not give straight forward answers.

He says the State Counsel and the Court were struggling to get the words clarified amidst her evasiveness.

Justice Aluthge says the complainant is not a child, she is a mother of two children adding still she could not describe intelligibly the sexual organs or sexual acts even in her own dialect.

He adds under these circumstances, it is not safe to convict the accused for the alleged offences.


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