24th January 11:25 PM
Jone Vakarisi and 5 others deny charges while 3 remain silent in police intimidation case today
By Rashika Kumar
Tuesday 14/01/2020

Jone Vakarisi and five others have denied all charges of criminal intimidation, resisting arrest, damaging property and going equipped for theft in Mead Road Housing Complex in Nabua on the 3rd of August, 2018 while three other accused persons chose to remain silent in the Suva Magistrates Court today.  

The accused persons, Jone Vakarisi, Ledua Gudru, Sekove Serukalou, Jese Sorovi, Toni Sokoiwasa, and Semisi Rabakoko took the stand today while Tevita Bulanaivalu, Chanel Antonio, Mark Ross remained silent.

They allegedly attacked three police constables and a special constable who were on patrol. It is alleged that the nine men were in two vehicles and were acting in a suspicious manner and were armed.

They then allegedly sped off from the scene when they were approached by the police officers.

They were then allegedly chased by the police to the Mead Road Housing where the police vehicle was blocked by the accused vehicles.

The men then allegedly struck the police vehicle with iron rods and stones while the officers were still inside.

When questioned by the defence and prosecution in court today, Vakarisi said that he did not threaten or injure any of the Police officers and Police had allegedly laid a false charge on him. He says he was at his home at the time of the alleged incident.

Losana Raicebe who is a witness for Toni Sokoiwasa told the court that on the night of the alleged incident, he was sleeping in the house when they were woken up by a commotion outside.

She says that Sokoiwasa ran to see what was happening and she was later informed by her uncle that he had been arrested.

Meanwhile, another accused, Semisi Rabakoko told the court that he was in Nausori with his cousins on the night of the alleged incident.

Magistrate Liyanage Wickaramasekara has adjourned the case to the 7th of February and closing submissions will be made by the prosecution and defence.

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