23rd August 06:29 PM
Jokhan claims Biman Prasad owes him money while Prasad says this is all rubbish
By Vijay Narayan, Dhanjay Deo, Gulsher Ali and Naveel Krishant
Sunday 21/10/2018
FijiFirst Candidate Reginald Jokhan and National Federation Party Leader Professor Biman Prasad

FijiFirst Candidate Reginald Jokhan is claiming that National Federation Party Leader Professor Biman Prasad owes him money and has not kept the gentleman’s agreement that they allegedly had in 2003, however Biman Prasad says he owes no money to Jokhan.

Jokhan who is the Managing Director of the Jokhan Realtors Limited made this claim while speaking at the FijiFirst Fun Day in Nadi yesterday.

Jokhan spoke to Fijivillage after his speech where he revealed that he sold Biman Prasad’s property at Sekoula Road in Laucala Beach in 2003 for $215,000 and according to the gentleman’s agreement, he was supposed to be paid $15,000.

Jokhan says he was only paid about $5000 or $6000.

The FijiFirst Candidate has claimed that he was also threatened by Biman Prasad at a funeral gathering.

Jokhan says there was no written agreement on the commission that he was supposed to be paid by Biman Prasad however it was a deal made with a handshake and Jokhan stands by his comments that Prasad has not honoured their agreement.

When questioned by Fijivillage, Biman Prasad says Reginald Jokhan had arranged for a buyer for his property in Laucala Beach in 2003.

Prasad claims that the verbal agreement he had with Reginald Jokhan was that he would pay Jokhan $5,000 in commission.

Prasad has also rubbished the claim that he had threatened Jokhan at a funeral gathering by saying he will get him audited.

He confirmed that they may have spoken at the funeral gathering but this claim is a lie.

Prasad is now planning to take legal action against Jokhan.

When Fijivillage questioned Jokhan whether he went to the authorities after Prasad did not pay him as claimed by Jokhan, Jokhan said people should know what is a gentleman’s agreement and he just expected Prasad to do the right thing.

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