25th February 09:27 PM
Image of mice battling over crumbs wins photography award
By Naveel Krishant
Thursday 13/02/2020
Station Squabble by Sam Rowley, UK: Rowley's picture shows two mice fighting over crumbs on an empty London Underground platform [Photo: Sam Rowley/Wildlife Photographer of the Year]

The sight of two mice scurrying across a London Underground platform in the evening is, to many, an unwelcome feature of life in the city.

But a young photographer is hoping his award-winning shot changes that perception.

Sam Rowley's "Station Squabble" has been picked from more than 48,000 images to claim a wildlife photography award from London's Natural History Museum, voted for by the public.

Rowley who is a researcher at BBC says everybody knows about the mice on the Underground but he does not think anyone's seen them in that light before.

He admitted that he got a handful of "strange looks" from commuters while laying on the floor of various central London stations, but added people were quite curious -- they were quite chatty and nice about the whole thing.

[Source: CNN]

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