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Health Ministry advises people to avoid attending large gatherings of people due to measles outbreak
By Iva Danford
Friday 29/11/2019

With the second phase of the measles immunization campaign beginning next Wednesday, the Health Ministry is advising people to avoid holding or attending large gatherings of people, especially in the Central Division due to the current measles outbreak.

The Ministry states that people should avoid holding or attending functions that bring participants from across the country or overseas such as youth camps, religious gatherings, graduation ceremonies and sporting events.

The Health Ministry says it continues to hear about residents of Serua/Namosi planning for gatherings that will bring people from across the country and overseas.

They are advised in the strongest terms that until outbreak precautions are ceased in Serua/Namosi, all such gatherings should be deferred.

There are now 14 confirmed cases of measles in Fiji with the latest confirmed case being a 36-year-old from Makosoi, Deuba in the Serua/Namosi subdivision.




3 months old baby


7 months old baby


15 years old


4 month old


6 years old


20 years old


25 years old


22 years old


19 years old

Navunikabi Village

16 year old

Navunikabi Village

36 years old

Makosoi, Deuba

2 years old


25 years old pregnant woman


1 year old


The Health Ministry is strongly advising against non-essential travel to Serua/Namosi.

They say if people need to travel to Serua/Namosi, please get vaccinated against measles at least two weeks before travel.

Please avoid taking those that cannot get vaccinated such as babies under the age of 6 months and pregnant women to the outbreak area of Serua/Namosi.

Currently, the free vaccine is only available to children as per the routine national immunization schedule at 12 months and 18 months of age. This includes children who have not received those 2 doses of the vaccine as scheduled.

It will also be prioritized to those who are at the greatest risk of catching and spreading measles.

The Health Ministry says this current restriction will change after new vaccine stock arrives.

They say that across Fiji it will target any child in Fiji who has not received 2 doses of a measles vaccine, any child aged 12 and 18 months who is scheduled for their routine measles immunization, any person in Fiji travelling overseas, all health care workers and all airport and hotel staff.

The Health Ministry states that in the Central Division only, the campaign will also target all children aged 6 months to 5 years, all people born between 1980 to 2000 (19 years to 39 years) and all residents of Serua/Namosi aged 6 months and older.

These numbers are only to be used for people who think they or a family member has the measles. If you need to see a doctor please call the facility before you arrive so they can ensure you do not infect other patients.

Central 2219905

Eastern 2219906

Western 2219907

Northern 2219908

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services urges the public to take heed of our advice to protect yourselves and your families from measles.

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