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Former Fiji residents residing in Australia come together to help victims of the Australian bushfires
By Pratika Mala
Thursday 16/01/2020
During Kava ceremony

Former Fiji residents now residing in Australia have come together to help the victims of the Australian bushfires.

The group is made up of a charitable organisation known as Yaadein Vision Group and other Fijian clubs of Australia.

Speaking to Fijivillage, International Director of Yaadein Vision Group, Bobby Mishra says about 60 former Fiji residents living in Sydney got behind the Australian bushfire relief work in Wollondilly and Bargo which are near Sydney.

He says they called it The Fiji Community on the Move Helping the Australian Bushfire Victims.

Mishra says there were two phases through which they helped, the first of which was last week where they provided two weeks worth of food to the victims of the bushfires.

He adds they also went door to door and spoke to individuals.

In the second phase, the group provided meals to the firefighters helping fight the bushfires.

The group began with a prayer ceremony for rain and for those affected by the fires. They also had a kava drinking ceremony.

Mishra adds apart from providing food the former Fiji residents also donated a cheque of $1,000 each to Wollindilly Emergency Control Centre and another $1,000 to Buxton Fire brigade. He says Jyoti Club also under the banner of Fiji community donated $1,000 to Balmoral Fire brigade and another $1,000 to Hill Top Fire brigade.

Meanwhile, Communications Fiji Limited through its five radio stations - Legend FM, FM96, Navtarang, Radio Sargam and Viti FM and website, fijivillage.com continues with the CFL Australia Bushfire Victims Appeal.

CFL has decided to start this appeal as Australia being one of our closest neighbours is going through one of the most difficult times in its history as almost 2,000 houses have been destroyed in months-long bushfire crisis and at least 26 people and millions of animals have died since September last year.

We are calling on all Fijians in Fiji and abroad to become part of CFL’s Australia Bushfire Victim Appeal and donate to help our brothers and sisters in Australia.

Funds raised through CFL’s Australia Bushfire Victims Appeal will be given to the Australian Red Cross.

Donations can be made through deposits in Westpac account number 9800935794.

People can also make donations through their M-PAiSA account by using the M-PAiSA app where people will have to go to the business payment section and select Australia Bushfire Appeal and enter the amount.

People can also bring their cash donations to CFL’s home at 231 Waimanu Road, Suva.

The appeal closes at 6pm this Saturday.

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