14th December 12:13 PM
Fiji Airports says its charges are one of the lowest in the world
By Semi Turaga
Saturday 10/08/2019
Nadi Airport

Fiji Airports says it does not receive $200 departure tax as opposed to some reports.

In a statement, the company says over two decades since its incorporation in 1999, Fiji Airports’ share of departure tax is $10 vat inclusive price, that works out to $9.17 vat exclusive price earned and reflected in its financials and annual reports. 

Fiji Airports’ says its charges are one of the lowest in the South Pacific and the World and this was verified independently by Airports Council International through a benchmarking exercise where airport charges from all over the world were compared.

It says the comparison of airport charges across the world is also available online either for free or for a small fee, allowing people to check for themselves. 

The company says to give perspective, Fiji Airports international turnaround cost is about 3 times cheaper than Australian Airports.

It adds that an aircraft that lands in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne pays on average 300% more to the airport in turnaround costs - than an aircraft that lands in Nadi.

Auckland, Noumea, Papeete are 200%-300% more expensive in airport turnaround costs - than Nadi.

Fiji Airports’ also says its domestic charges to airlines are again the lowest in the world.

It adds that Airports in Vanuabalavu, Ono-i-Lau, Moala, Lakeba, Gau, Cicia, Koro, Bureta and Rotuma made gross earnings of $1,000 to $5,000 in 2018.

The company further says the gross earnings for most airports that Fiji Airports manages do not even cover basic housekeeping costs such as grass cutting.

All outer island and Nausori Airports run at losses.

Fiji Airports spent $18.9 million in 2018 looking after and doing capital upgrades in all of its 13 outer island and Nausori Airports. 


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