26th August 12:55 PM
FLP to consider reinstating PWD to be responsible for roads infrastructure and terminate role of FRA
By Apenisa Waqairadovu
Thursday 01/11/2018
Fiji Labour Party Candidates Leader Aman Ravindra Singh

A Fiji Labour Party Government will consider reinstating the Public Works Department to be responsible for the roads infrastructure and they will terminate the role of the Fiji Roads Authority.

This has been confirmed by Fiji Labour Party Candidates Leader Aman Ravindra Singh during the launch of their manifesto today.

Singh says that they are not happy with FRA’s performance.

When asked about the workers, Singh says that all workers will be absorbed to the PWD when a Labour Party government closes FRA.

The Fiji Labour Party manifesto also says that they will appoint an independent commission with powers to inquire into allegations of corruption and to prosecute offenders, both in private and political office.

Labour says it will remove the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption and Singh says that they will move its workers to the Fiji Police Force where a unit within the force will look into issues involving corruption.

A Fiji Labour Party Government will also review the 2013 constitution and reinstate the Great Council of Chiefs.

When asked, Singh says that the GCC will have to be apolitical and they will not resume the role of electing the President of the country.

The Fiji Labour Party manifesto also says that they will review the Tertiary Education Loan Scheme while students who successfully complete their courses will have their loan repayment cut by 50 percent.

Other major issues in the Fiji Labour Party manifesto includes removing the 9 percent VAT that was imposed on some basic food items in 2016, they will pay cane farmers a minimum guaranteed cane price of $100 per tonne and restore the retirement age to 60.

It is also highlighted in their manifesto that they will further extend the list of food, medicine and consumer items to be zero rated under VAT.

Singh was not able to provide the list when asked.

The Fiji Labour Party will immediately adjust the National Minimum Wage Rate to $3.50 an hour and will index it to increases in the cost of living.

They say they will carry out a comprehensive review of the Land Transport Authority and its operation, they will bring down the cost of doing business and they will rationalise the budget allocation of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces as they feel that it is substantially more than that of the Agriculture Ministry and the Fiji Police Force.

The party will retain the existing fee-free education while they will provide for an allowance to be given directly to low income parents to help in the need of the children. Further details have not been provided.

A Fiji Labour Party Government will make sure that Fiji remains a secular state that observes the fundamental freedoms and rights of people, in particular full religious freedom.

FLP is fielding 25 candidates and cannot form government on their own as 26 seats are required to form government.

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