22nd January 10:10 AM
FCCC calls for transparency when firms and individuals raise funds from the public for charity
By Vijay Narayan
Friday 20/09/2019

The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission has called for transparency when firms and individuals raise funds from the public for charity as a case of a prominent church has emerged that it had solicited funds from members to be sent overseas with promises of millions in return.

CEO, Joel Abraham says FCCC had to intervene in this case.

He says this looks like the church was falling for a scam, but people have a tendency to not question figures of authority, especially in religious institutions.

FCCC is calling on businesses and individuals who raise funds to establish a system of accountability and transparency and ensure funds reach the intended recipients.

Abraham also spoke about the Lagilagi Housing Project investigation. He says the project was launched with the intent to offer people living in the Lagilagi Squatter settlement better conditions with an affordable payment plan.

Abraham says during the investigation, it came to light that deposits had been collected from other people who were not eligible for the scheme, poor overall governance of the scheme, and that a good number of the original residents that were relocated to make way for the Lagilagi Housing Project were not provided with housing as promised.

This has resulted in the Government taking operational control to remedy the situation.


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