19th October 06:23 AM
Education Ministry social media policy could be reviewed after a year
By Semi Turaga
Friday 20/09/2019
the policy will be reviewed one year after approval for implementation by the Permanent Secretary and Minister for Education.

The review arrangements under the Ministry of Education’s social media policy says the policy will be reviewed one year after approval for implementation by the Permanent Secretary and Minister for Education. 

The Education Ministry says it will be reviewing its social media policy to recognise that, with appropriate checks in place, teachers can maximise online platforms to establish professional relationships and direct lines of communication with parents and other teachers.

With this review set to take place, Fijivillage has asked the Ministry of Education on what will now happen to the current policy - will it be shelved or is still being implemented.

The Education Ministry is yet to respond to our questions.

The new social media policy says teachers should not accept or make “friend requests” from students or their parents on social media sites.

The policy states that if any exist, they should be “unfriended” immediately.

Some parents are concerned that this part of the policy will affect the professional relationship they have with their child's teacher.

These parents say that through being friends with their child's teacher on social media they are able to regularly communicate and get updates on their child's progress.

The social media policy also says all Education Ministry staff should not post photos of students on social media.

It goes on to say that the Education Ministry staff should not be making negative comments in relation to the government, ministers or members of parliament.

They are also not allowed to make any comments in relation to national elections and the Ministry of Education.

Under the policy, social media means websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

It says these may include but are not limited to Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


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