22nd August 06:43 AM
Draunidalo stresses that they will implement $10 minimum wage rate if they form govt
By Iva Danford
Saturday 29/09/2018
HOPE Party Leader Tupou Draunidalo

HOPE Party Leader, Tupou Draunidalo has stressed that they will implement a $10 minimum wage rate if they form government however she also says that it will not be forced on employers.

When Fijivillage put to Draunidalo that this will force many businesses to close down or reduce their workforce, Draunidalo strongly disagreed with that assessment.

Draunidalo says that the $10 minimum wage rate will apply to both skilled and unskilled workers if they do not already earn that amount.

She says that if some businesses cannot afford this, then it will not be forced onto them.

When questioned on when they will be announcing their candidates and if they are facing difficulties in trying to get the numbers, she says that they are definitely not facing any difficulties and will be announcing their candidates soon.

Draunidalo also says that other politicians should worry about themselves when she makes comments about them.

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