18th August 11:06 AM
Deputy Supervisor of Elections announces the storing of 19 and a half bail bags of shredded material
By Faria Begum
Tuesday 30/10/2018
Deputy Supervisor of Elections Karyl Winter[Photo:Fijian Elections Office]

The Deputy Supervisor of Elections Karyl Winter has announced that they will be storing 19 and a half bail bags of shredded material.

She says these are off cuts and shredded ballot papers that were not meeting the standards that were set for ballot papers.

Winter says initially the Fijian Elections Office had planned to conduct the disposal of off cuts and shredded material at a recycling plant in Suva.

She says it has come to the Fijian Elections Office’s attention that the management of this particular recycling facility, which is the only one of its kind to cater for large amounts, is politically affiliated.

The Deputy Supervisor of Elections says that one of its affiliates are contesting the elections under a political party therefore the Fijian Elections Office is no longer able to use the services provided by the recycling plant.

She adds that the Fijian Elections Office does not wish to burn this amount of paper and they have invited all the political parties to come and inspect all the bail bags, after which all these will be placed inside a shipping container which will be locked and sealed in front of those  present and the shipping container will then be stored at the FEO warehouse until the conclusion of the elections.

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