24th August 07:36 AM
Demand on policing services continue to grow - ACP Nair
By Naveel Krishant
Wednesday 15/05/2019
Police Chief Administration Officer ACP Itendra Nair [Photo: Police Media]

Police Chief Administration Officer ACP Itendra Nair says demands on their services continue to grow and there are certain processes currently in practice that can be simplified and streamlined to absorb the growing demands on their services.

While speaking at the opening of the Police Act Review Seminar this morning, Nair says policing has grown beyond their traditional roles, and they are now tasked with enforcing laws that range from environmental to health legislations and this has stretched their resources.

Nair told the participants that their individual inputs will be used to complement, standardize and synchronize new legislations where their policing duties are required and they should anticipate the demands to grow.

Participants at the Police Act Review Seminar this morning [Photo:Police Media]

He says government has acknowledged the challenges they are facing ‑ and has supported not only this review process, but the restructure process, both of which have been long overdue ‑ and they should be grateful for their continuous support.

He adds their functions have for decades remained steadfast in that the Force ‑ shall be employed in and throughout Fiji for the maintenance of law and order, the preservation of peace, the protection of life and property, the prevention and crime and the enforcement of all laws and regulations with which it is directly charged.

He says what has not remained constant, is the criminal landscape ‑ and that is where they will have to share your policing knowledge to ensure the legal framework governing our work is not only up to par with the evolving criminal landscape ‑ but that the revamped Police Act becomes and enabling legal document that should assist our everyday work.

After the workshop, the will compile the report and send it to the Solicitor-Generals Office.


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