18th August 11:49 AM
Civil servants will get contracts if they perform - Usamate
By Semi Turaga
Friday 09/11/2018
FijiFirst candidate and Minister for Employment Jone Usamate on Straight Talk last night

FijiFirst candidate and Minister for Employment Jone Usamate says if civil servants on contracts are performing and meeting all the requirements then they will be given their job again but National Federation candidate Attar Singh says that is not what is exactly happening at the moment, particularly with teachers.

Speaking on Straight Talk with our News Director Vijay Narayan last night, Usamate says for instance if teachers meet the requirements and are performing, they will be given 5 year contracts.

Usamate says the performance based system is not something new as it was even being implemented when he worked for the National Training and Productivity Centre.

He says at that time Attar Singh was a board member of National Training and Productivity Centre, and this was when Usamate and others were put on contracts.

NFP candidate Attar Singh says he does not recall if the performance based system started at TPAF at that time.

The contract system for the civil servants started in 2008 and by 2014, about 75 percent of the civil servants were on contract.

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