21st January 01:18 PM
Alleged victim in rape trial denies having being told by accused that he suffered from erectile dysfunction
By Naveel Krishant
Thursday 15/08/2019

The alleged victim in the rape trial of the former proposed candidate of the National Federation Party told the court today that the accused never mentioned to her that he suffered from Erectile Dysfunction. 

She made this comment after defence lawyer, Devanesh Sharma asked her on whether his client had told her at anytime on the 28th of June last year that he suffered from Erectile Dysfunction.

Devanesh Sharma also put to her that the man told her that he used high medication because of diabetes to which the woman said no.

Sharma then put to her that she had told his client that with her experience, she can get any man to have an erection. The woman denied she had said that.

She also said that she performed oral sex on the man as he forced her do it.

Sharma then put to her that she threatened him that one scream from her will bring her neighbours to her house and the accused will be ashamed of this. The woman denied that she had made that threat.

She also denied that she told the accused that his political career will go down in pieces.

It is alleged the man raped his sister‑in‑law in Nasinu on the 28th of June last year.

The trial continues before Judge, Justice Thushara Rajasinghe.


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