25th January 10:27 AM
Agro Marketing Authority will buy crops provided they've been recommended by Agriculture Ministry - Dr Reddy
By Pratika Mala and Feroz Mohammed
Friday 13/12/2019
Minister for Agriculture, Dr Mahendra Reddy gathers with the farmers in Seaqaqa

Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture, Dr Mahendra Reddy has reassured farmers in Seaqaqa that the Agro Marketing Authority will buy all their crops provided the crops have been recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Agro Marketing Authority which is a division of the Agriculture Ministry was established to buy and resell local produce. They travel into the interior to buy produce thus eliminating the need for farmers to transport their crops to sell.

While speaking at the commissioning of a newly constructed foot-crossing and vehicle bridge at Rokosalasei Village in Seaqaqa, Dr Reddy says any farmer would be concerned about who will buy their produce.

Dr Reddy adds the Ministry has also decided they will now buy wet rice but at a lower price.

He says he understands that farmers may not be able to dry their rice as the weather is not good. He says the rice mills will have driers and will dry the rice.

He has encouraged farmers to see which type of farming will give them higher returns.

The Acting Prime Minister says it is their agenda to bring the market to the farmer.

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