9th December 04:18 AM
75 Police Officers complete Assessment for Mission Service Tests by assessors from UN Police Division Office
By Meredani Tisugu
Sunday 17/11/2019
[Photo:Fiji Police Force]

75 Police officers have successfully completed the Assessment for Mission Service Tests conducted by assessors from the United Nations Police Division Office.

Superintendent 2nd Class Mao He from the UN Headquarters Police Division and Lieutenant Colonel Sudsawart Phonganong from the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) conducted the weeklong assessment which consisted of a language assessment, driving Test and weapons handling and shooting a test.

The two officers also met Police Commissioner  Sitiveni Qiliho, where Qiliho requested a specialized training and Mission service test be conducted for women officers.

Qiliho says work is being done in earnest through Government to deploy Fiji's first Formed Police Unit.

Qiliho says the Formed Police Unit consists of Police Officers that are trained and equipped to act as a cohesive unit capable of accomplishing policing tasks that individual Police Officers could not address and well-trained Formed Police Unit. can operate even in “high-risk” environments.

He says they have the Government's support and will explore avenues through the UN and their networks to procure the resources needed to fulfill their mission.

Qiliho adds Fiji is interested in deploying a full contingent of women officers and they would also work towards ensuring their women officers are ready to undergo the training if their proposal is considered.

Any Police officer, nominated for service with the United Nations must meet minimum requirements, including professional experience, language skills, mission-specific skills, driving skills and firearms proficiency and once an officer passes he or she is cleared for 24 months for deployment with United Nations Police.

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