18th August 11:21 AM
50% of the 7000 voters cast vote with hours remaining till closing of Polling Station - Saneem
By Semi Turaga and Pratika Mala
Saturday 17/11/2018
Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem says about fifty percent have already turned up to cast their votes with another six hours to go as more than 7,000 Fijians cast their vote today.

He says they haven't had any major issues and voters are choosing not to take the voter booklet to help them with their votes as they say they already know who they are voting for.

Saneem says they had received more than 10,000 postal votes out of which 9,180 votes were accepted and 19 ballot boxes were needed for these which is three more than what was originally anticipated.

The Fijian Elections Office says voters were already lined up early this morning to cast their vote at Nausori Technical College in Vuci South Rd, Nausori as well as in Shantinketan Primary School in Muaniweni and at Mataso Primary School in Ra.

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem has urged the 7,498 Fijians registered at these 22 Polling Venues to exercise their constitutional right and vote.

Please note that if you voted in one of these Polling Venues on Wednesday you have to vote again today.

This is because votes cast in these 22 Polling Venues have been cancelled and those ballot papers will be added to the shredding list.

Polling will close at these venues at 6pm today.

Saneem adds that the Fijian Elections Office has organised transportation for all these locations and voters who wish to vote can use their transport.

He has highlighted that vehicles marked with the Fijian Elections Office logo are making round trips in these areas and people can use these to travel to their respective polling venues and back home again.

The final results of the 2018 general elections is expected to be ready by tomorrow.

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