22nd August 06:59 AM
17 polling venues inaccessible to voters due to weather conditions
By Naveel Krishant
Wednesday 14/11/2018
Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem says that 17 polling venues have become inaccessible to voters and he has adjourned the voting at these venues effective immediately.

Saneem says that due to the weather conditions this step was taken and this will affect 6094 voters.

He says he has consulted the Electoral Commission and these venues will have elections at a later date that will be feasible for elections.

The venues closed in the Korovou Area include, Delakano FEO Shed, Natadrave FEO Shed, Nasinu Community Hall, Turagabeci Primary School, Lodoni Primary School and Naivicula District School.

In Rakiraki the venues that have been closed are Korotale Mandir, Raiwasa Community Hall, Namuaniwaqa Primary School, Mataso Primary School and Rewasasa Community Hall,

Nausori Technical School, Visama Sanathan Dharam Primary School, Naqeledamu Village School venues have been closed in the Nausori area.

Nukutocia Village Shed in Levuka and Naisoqo Settlement FEO Ground Shed and Shantiniketan Primary School in the Central Division have been closed for polling.

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