23rd August 06:40 PM
16,209 voters expected to vote today as day 3 of pre-poll starts
By Faria Begum
Wednesday 07/11/2018
Villagers of Nayarabale in Savusavu lined outside a polling station

16,209 voters are expected to vote today as day 3 of pre-poll starts.

3,741 voters are expected from the Central Division, 4,855 voters in the Eastern Division, 4,216 voters in the Western Division and 3,397 voters in the Northern Division.

These voters are expected to cast their pre-poll votes at 128 venues out of which 21 are in the Central Division, 32 in the Western Division, 16 in the Eastern Division and 29 in the Northern Division.

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem has also confirmed that at the end of the second day of pre-poll, voting has completed at 7 venues in the Central Division, 26 in the Western Division, 19 in the Northern Division and 14 in the Eastern Division.

Saneem says reports from the second day of pre-poll are difficult to give because a lot of the areas where teams are conducting polling are not in connectivity.

The Supervisor of Elections has also highlighted the concerns of some voters who are being called to partake in surveys where they are posed questions relating to their political preference.

He says he has no jurisdiction over the surveys, however he has told the people that they have the right to refuse to cooperate.

Saneem has also urged voters to check where their listed polling venues are as only 7 days now remain for the 2018 General Elections.

People can text their voter card numbers to the text platform 1500.

This platform is free of charge for Vodafone, Digicel and Inkk customers.

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