19th September 07:50 AM
Police tell WAF workers to leave premises if their contracts ended yesterday
By Apenisa Waqairadovu and Semi Turaga
Wednesday 01/05/2019
Divisional Police Commander South SSP Sakeo Ganivatu at the Water Authority of Fiji Wailoku Depot

Police have arrived at the Water Authority of Fiji Wailoku Depot where about 300 people are gathered and Divisional Police Commander South SSP Sakeo Ganivatu has informed them that they have to leave the property if their contracts ended yesterday.

Fijivillage was told that 150 of the people within the premises are project workers whose contracts ended yesterday.

Spokesperson for the National Union of Workers in Wailoku Setareki Delai told Fijivillage that they are not happy with how the management of Water Authority of Fiji is handling the contracts of project workers.

Delai says that most of the workers only got to receive their contract ending letters yesterday.

He says that most of the project workers have been working for more than a year and deserve a permanent position and he claimed that this is clearly stated in the Collective Agreement signed between the Authority and the Union.

About 200 people also gathered outside the Water Authority Depot at Reservoir Road and workers were also gathered outside the Kinoya Depot.

Workers spokesperson at the Reservoir Road Depot Taniela Walesi says they were not well informed on why their contracts ended yesterday.

He adds that this morning they were told to sit and wait outside for a decision to come from the Authority. Walesi says that they are all project workers.

This group had also moved into the premises and were gathering inside after the Police had told them that they cannot gather outside as they have no permit.


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