26th August 12:12 PM
Pastor Vulaono says only he and God are the two mentors of the New Methodist church
By Iva Danford
Thursday 14/03/2019
The Founder and General Superintendent of the New Methodist Church Atunaisa Vulaono

The Founder and General Superintendent of the New Methodist Church, Atunaisa Vulaono says the platform for non achievers and losers is Facebook and he believes the more the haters, the more he has to sharpen his arrow.

As many people continue to speak out against Vulaono on social media after his attack on one of his congregation members, Vulaono now says only he and God are the two mentors for members of his congregation.

Vulaono confirmed this to Fijivillage in an interview after being questioned on him telling off a member of his congregation in front of other members for having another church minister within the New Methodist Church as his mentor.

In the video, the man was seen sharing his thoughts and mentioned that his mentor was another senior pastor in the church.

Vulaono then stopped the man and said that Vulaono is the only mentor in the church and he did not want to hear any person in the church saying that they have another mentor apart from him.

Vulaono also said that the man had made him angry by mentioning that he has another pastor as a mentor.

In our interview, Vulaono says that the man in the video later told him that he did not know the meaning of mentor and thanked him for correcting him.

Vulaono says this happened during their leaders workshop and this is their style of teaching for the leaders of the church.

When questioned if this was another level of pride and unchristian way of dealing with such issues, Vulaono says pride is uncalled for in a church.

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