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Leave politicians’ work to politicians and don't be disturbed by what is happening on social media - Naupoto
By Navitalai Naivalurua
Thursday 12/12/2019

Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces, Rear Admiral Viliame Naupoto has told his officers to leave politicians' work to politicians and not be disturbed by what is happening on social media.

Rear Admiral Naupoto made this statement at Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Nabua.

The Army Commander says as soldiers they are tasked with the protection of the people and they should stick to what the military personnel are required to do.

Rear Admiral Naupoto says most of the people fail in their work because they fall in the trap of social media.

The Army Commander also told his officers to always remember their families since they are the ones that support them in their years of service.

Rear Admiral Naupoto says family is the very reason why people get up to go to work in the morning and they are also why officers work hard and they should be shown the respect and support they deserve.

Rear Admiral says they know that some of their officers are currently having cases in court and most of these cases are alcohol-related.

He says that most of the people know that if alcohol is abused, problems start arising and he is urging his officers to take heed of this advice to make sure that people that rely on them are protected.

The Commander also thanked the soldiers for their dedication and service throughout the year and has commended them for retaining the prestigious Sukuna Bowl title in October.

30 military personnel were also awarded the Meritorious Service Medals while 6 officers received the Meritorious Service Decoration Medals in recognition of their long and faithful service in the Republic of Fiji Military Forces.

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