FijiFirst Party’s declaration published today

FijiFirst Party’s declaration published today

By Vijay Narayan
Friday 04/07/2014
FijiFirst Party leader Voreqe Bainimarama and General Secretary Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum

The FijiFirst Party’s declaration has been published today and it shows that the Prime Minister who is the leader of the party, Voreqe Bainimarama receives a total income of $278,750.

According to his declaration of assets and liabilities, Bainimarama gets $230,000 in salary, $20,000 entertainment allowance and other allowances total $28,750.

The listed assets of Voreqe Bainimarama and his wife, Mary include a Hyundai Tuscon vehicle valued at $30,000 and a property in Nadi valued at $25,000 which was purchased and valued on the 1st of January 2007.

The Bainimaramas have three BSP accounts - he has $51,207 in one account, $101,968 in his cheque account and $104,815 in a term deposit account.

Bainimarama also has $26,042 in his Mataivalu Savings account and $14,443 with the Unit Trust.

He has two loans which has a total value of $301,772.

His net assets stand at $51,704.

Looking at the declaration of assets and liabilities of Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum who is also the General Secretary of FijiFirst.

The declaration by Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and his wife, Adi Ela Sayed-Khaiyum shows that the Attorney General’s salary is $185,000.

The declaration also has their two children, Ibrahim and Idris listed as dependents.

They have a property worth $500,000 located at Vunakece Road.

They have another property valued at $80,000 owned through Midlife Investments Limited.

According to the declaration there is a dormant company known as Latifa Investments Limited which has no assets and liabilities.

It is stated in their declaration that they have applied for deregistration of the company.

The total assets of the Sayed-Khaiyums are $596,940.

They have three bank accounts with a total of $16,940 in the accounts.

Their total liabilities stand at $470,005.

This is the loan taken for their property at Vunakece Road.

The Sayed-Khaiyums total net assets stand at $126,935.

Social Welfare Minister Doctor Jiko Luveni who is the FijiFirst President has also declared that she has a salary of $135,000. 

Her husband Inoke Luveni receives a pension of $15,856 while their income also includes $13,452 as dividend from Fijian Holdings Limited and $4,958 as dividend from FHL Unit Trust.

Their total assets are valued at $822,432.

This includes a $300,000 house in Muanikau, shares valued at $394,309 while they have a total of $78,123 in two separate bank accounts.

Declarations have also been made for Vice President Ratu Wiliame Katonivere and Treasurer Vimlesh Kumar.

Kumar who is the General Manager Finance and Administration for Tropik Wood Industries has a salary of $148,000 while Katonivere’s total income is $61,135.  

Registrar of Political Parties, Mohammed Saneem will in due course verify these published particulars of FijiFirst for compliance with the Political Parties Decree. 

Any member of the public who believes that the particulars are incorrect is invited to contact the Registrar on phone 3316225. 

FijiFirst Party Declaration Breakdown:

Voreqe Bainimarama and spouse

Total Income: $278,750

$230,000 – Salary
$20,000 – Entertainment Allowance
$28,750 – Other Allowances


$30,000 - Hyandai Tuscon
$25,000 - Nadi property
Three BSP accounts
$51,207 - personal account
$101,968 - cheque account
$104,815 - term deposit account
$26,042 - Mataivalu Savings Account
$14,443 - Unit Trust


Two loans with total value: $301,772

Net Assets: $51,704


Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and spouse

Salary: $185,000


$500,000 - ;Vunakece Road property
$80,000 - Property owned through Midlife Investments Limited - 
Litifa Investments Limited - Dormant company
$596,940 - Total Assets
$16,940 - Total in 3 bank accounts - 


Total liabilities - $470,005 (loan taken for Vunakece Road property)

Net Assets: $126,953


Dr. Jiko Luveni and spouse

$135,000 - Salary
$15,856 - Inoke Luveni (Husband) pension
$13,453 - Dividend from Fijian Holdings Limited
$4,958 - FHL Unit Trust


$300,000 - House in Muanikau
$394,309 - Shares
$78,123 - Total in two separate bank accounts

Total Assets - $822,432

Ratu Wiliame Katonivere

$61,135 - salary

Vimlesh Kumar

$148,000 - salary

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