24th October 04:31 PM
ATS Employees Trust wants an independent mediator to be involved in ATS lockout issue
By Semi Turaga
Thursday 28/12/2017

The ATS Employees Trust wants an independent mediator to handle the mediation process between the ATS Management and workers that were locked out on the 16th of this month.

ATS Employees Trust Secretary Vili Finau says they are calling for an independent mediator because they seem to be going nowhere with the current mediator.

The Ministry of Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations is currently the mediator in the negotiation process between the two parties.

Minister for Employment Jone Usamate has confirmed they are willing to get an independent mediator to allow both parties to reach common ground.

He says both sides have been informed of the conditions they each put forward over the weekend.

Air Terminal Services workers that have acknowledged their illegal walkout and have returned to work are claiming there are others like them who want to return but are afraid of victimisation from their striking colleagues and Union Officials.

A statement released by ATS says those workers returning to work claim that they were influenced, misguided or misinformed resulting in the action they took.

According to ATS, 17 people have returned to work so far.

But this has been disputed by the Secretary of the ATS Employees Trust, Vili Finau who says there is no victimisation from Federated Airlines Staff Association, locked out workers or other union representatives.

He also says that a statement by ATS saying most locked out workers are now staying home is incorrect.

He says they are also working with their different representatives to verify how many workers have agreed to the conditions and returned to work.

More than 200 workers are still locked out.

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