16th November 12:27 AM
Urlando favorite to win Men’s 200M Butterfly Event after clocking 1 min 56.37 sec in heats
By Naveel Krishant
Thursday 23/08/2018
Gianluca Urlando of USA[Photo:SwimSwam.com]

16-year-old Gianluca Urlando of USA will be the favorite to win the Men’s 200 metres Butterfly Event after he clocked a time of 1 minute 56.37 seconds in the heats of the Junior Pan Pacific Swimming Championships currently underway at Damodar Aquatic Centre.

Van Mathias of USA, Aito Yamaguchi and Tomoru Honda of Japan will be the other top swimmers to look out for in the event.

In the Women’s, 200 metres final, USA’s Olivia Carter and Lilli Nordmann, Karin Takemura and Mana Naito of Japan are the top swimmers to look out for.

The finals will be held later in the evening.

Meanwhile, Claire Tuggle, of USA will be the favourite to win the Women’s 200 metres free style final after she recorded the fastest time in the preliminaries earlier this morning.

She clocked a time of 1 minute 59.36 seconds. She also had the fastest time in terms of qualification to the championship.

She can expect tough competition from Isabel Ivey from USA, Australia’s Lani Pallister and Nagita Ikemoto of Japan.

In the Men’s final Drew Kibler of USA will be the favourite to win the 200 metres free style event after clocking the fastest time of 1 minute 48.37 seconds in the preliminaries.

He will get stiff competition from compatriot Jake Magahey and New Zealand’s Zac Reid.

The final is expected to begin around 5pm today.

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