24th October 07:28 AM
Tattooed rugby players to cover up during next year's Rugby World Cup in Japan
By Naveel Krishant
Saturday 22/09/2018
English Second row Courtney Lawes

Tattooed rugby players will be asked to cover up during next year's Rugby World Cup in Japan to avoid offending people, the sport's governing body has said.

In Japan, tattoos have long been associated with the notorious yakuza crime syndicates and inked tourists can find themselves barred from traditional communal hot springs, or onsens.

Players are being asked to wear vests when using gyms or pools.

Tattoos are common among players, especially Pacific Islanders.

But tournament director Alan Gilpin said there had been no objections from teams.

He says when they raised it with the teams a year or so ago, they were probably expecting a frustrated reaction from them, but there hasn't been at all.

[Source: BBC Sports]

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