24th September 12:25 PM
Players have final say on Girona vs Barcelona in Miami - Spanish Players Union
By Faria Bergum
Tuesday 11/09/2018
Lionel Messi for Barcelona against Girona

The Spanish Players’ Union says players will have the final say on plans to play Girona’s ‘home’ match against Barcelona in Miami.

Girona are working with the Spanish La Liga and Barcelona over the match, which is due to take place on 28th of January next year.

Meanwhile, current English Premier League leaders, Liverpool are set to take on Tottenham this Saturday at 11.30pm.

Liverpool remain in first place with 12 points and 8 points goal differential, Chelsea are on the second place with 12 points and a 7 point goal differential while Watford is on the 3rd place with 12 points and a 6 point goal differential.

Defending Champions Manchester City are on the 4th place with 10 points.

The top 3 teams, Liverpool, Chelsea and Watford remain unbeaten so far in the tournament.

[Source: BBC Sports]

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