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ACS and RKS win 2018 Coca-Cola Games
By Vijay Narayan and Naveel Krishant
Sunday 22/04/2018
Ratu Kadavulevu School has taken out the Boys Division in the Coca-Cola Games

Ratu Kadavulevu School has taken out the Boys Division in the Coca-Cola Games after 21 years while Adi Cakobau School has successfully defended their girl’s division title.

RKS won with 12 gold, 9 silver and 8 bronze, Marist finished in second place with 10 gold, 5 silver and 13 bronze, Natabua High School is third with 9 gold, 5 silver and 5 bronze, Suva Grammar School finished in fourth place 5 gold, 5 silver and 6 bronze, QVS is next with 4 gold, 10 silver and 1 bronze.

ACS won the girl’s division with 19 gold, 12 silver and 9 bronze, Jasper is second with 11 gold, 13 silver and 6 bronze, while Saint Joseph’s Secondary School is in third place with 5 gold, 5 silver and 8 bronze. Suva Grammar School finished in fourth place  with 3 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze.

The Overall Best Female Athlete award was awarded to Saint Joseph’s Secondary school’s Heleina Young while Petero Veitaqomaki of Marist Brother’s High School won the Overall Best Male Athlete award.  

RKS Vice Principal and Athletics Coordinator, Walesi Soqoiwasa says that after falling short of the boy's title last year to Natabua High School, they were determined to win the Coca-Cola Boys title this year.

RKS made a clean sweep of the Coke Zero Deans Rugby and Rugby League in all the grades last year and they have now won the Coca-Cola Games title. 

Adi Cakobau School Athletics coach, Antonio Raboiliku says they dedicate their win to 2 patrons of the ACS athletics team who had past away earlier this year.

He says each athlete played their part well and executed the basics which is what helped them retain the Coca-Cola Games girls title.

The Coke Games ended with some drama this afternoon when Natabua’s Senior Boys runner, Shane Tuvusa ran alone in a 200 metres re-run.

Following the re-run, the previous winners remained as Tuvusa failed to beat the gold medal winner’s time. Shane’s time was 22.29 seconds.

Shane Tuvusa of Natabua High School. 

Jim Colasau of QVS still got gold in the Senior Boys 200 metres after finishing first with a time of 22.05 seconds. Colasau also had the fastest time from the Senior Boys 200 metres heats which was 22.22secs.

The race was re-run after a protest by Natabua High School.

Shane Tuvusa of Natabua was disqualified after a break start earlier in the day.

However, officials later determined that Tuvusa did not have a false start.

Melchizedek Katafono of Dudley High School still has the silver medal while Eroni Vosanibola of Lelean Memorial School won the bronze.

Looking at the other 200 metres finals:

Makereta Naulu of Adi Cakobau School won the Senior Girls 200m finals with a time of 24.91secs.

Akanisi Sokoiwasa of Jasper Williams High School won the silver, Filomena Balobalo of ACS won the bronze.

Heleina Young of Saint Joseph’s Secondary School broke the Intermediate Girls 200m record claiming her second gold medal with a time of 24.33s.

The old record of 24.72secs was set by Younis Bese of Gospel High School in 2014.

Young says she gets her motivation from her coaches and dedicates her gold medal to her aunt who passed away last year.

Serenia Ragatu and Salote Baravilala both of ACS won the silver,  and bronze respectively. 

Nemani Medreilagi of Natabua High School won the gold in the Intermediate Boys 200m final, Mesake Colasau of QVS whose brother ran in the Senior Boys 200m won the silver while Suva Grammar’s Kolinio Radrudru takes home the bronze.

Meli Junior of Suva Grammar has won gold in the Junior Boys 200m final with a time of 22.56secs.

Tevita Sokiveta of RKS has won silver, while Josua Kasami of Marist settled for Silver.

Alipate Vuiwakaya of Natabua High School has his second won gold medal in the Sub Junior Boys 200m.

Vuiwakaya also won gold in the Sub Junior Boys 100m final last night.

Ronald Sharma of Cuvu College came second to win silver while George Simpson of Suva Grammar School settled for bronze.

Jasper Williams High School’s Saivora Nareba came first in the Sub Junior Girls 200m to win the gold with a time of 25.91sec.

4x400m final:

Jasper Williams High School has won gold in the Sub Junior Girls 4x400m relay, ACS won the silver while Namosi Secondary School won bronze.

Suva Grammar School won gold in the Sub Junior Boys 4x400m and the Senior Girls 4x400m.

ACS finished strongly in the 4x400m finals to win the Junior and Girls Intermediate grades.

Queen Victoria School won gold in a photo finish final in the Junior Boys 4x400m, Suva Grammar School and RKS settled for the silver and bronze respectively.

Ratu Kadavulevu School bagged gold in the Intermediate and Senior  Boys 4x400m relay.


Adi Cakobau School won gold in all grades of the 4x100m relay final.

Ratu Kadavulevu School won gold in the Senior Boys 4x100m final, QVS won the silver while Marist have settled for the bronze.

Natabua High School edged QVS to claim the gold in the Intermediate 4x100m relay, QVS settled for the silver while Marist took the bronze.

In the Junior Boys grade, Marist took gold, RKS got silver while Grammar took out the bronze.

In the Sub Junior Boys 4 x 100m race, Natabua got gold, QVS settled for silver while RKS got bronze.

18-year-old Katarina Maivilase of Napuka Secondary School from Savusavu won her second gold medal in the 2018 Coca-Cola Games after winning the Intermediate Girls Javelin.

Maivilase’s throw was 40.67 metres.

She also set a new record of 37.10 metres in the Intermediate Girls Discus to win gold yesterday.

L-R Laite Asivina of Bemana Secondary School (silver medalist), Katarina Maivilase of Napuka Secondary School (gold medalist) and Elisabeta Maretina of Vaturova Koroalau High (bronze medalist). 

Laite Asivina of Bemana Secondary from Nadroga took the silver medal in the Intermediate Girls Javelin while Elisabeta Maretina of Vaturova Koroalau High from Savusavu takes home the bronze medal.

In the 3000 metres :

16-year-old Camari Adilasaqa of Wainibuka Junior Secondary School successfully defended her title after winning the Open Girls 3000 metres.

This is her second gold medal after winning gold in the Girls 1500 metres on Thursday.

Adilasaqa says she is proud to have won her second gold of the games and she dedicates her win to her parents who were watching from the grandstand, and her injury in the 1,500 metres did not deter her from winning gold again.

She says their trainer told them that if they would win a race, they will get $200.

Losavati Valamei of Nadogo Secondary School won the silver medal in the 3000 metres while Titilia Sovanatabua of Naiyala Secondary School took home the bronze.

Viliame Salusalu of RKS won gold in the Boys 3000 metres. Avikesh Pratap of Vishnu Deo Memorial School settled for silver while Mateo Matavura of Namosi Secondary School has won bronze.

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