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Witness alleges Takiveikata sought CRW soldiers to incite mutiny
By fijivillage.com
Monday 21/02/2011
The first state witness in the trial of Ratu Inoke Takiveikata told High Court Judge Justice Daniel Gounder today that he met Takiveikata after the witness wanted to relay the Naitasiri chief his dream.

Maciu Turagacati who claimed to be a Seventh Day Adventist Church Minister revealed in court that he met Takiveikata in his office in Nausori and told him about his dream which he had, soon after the May 2000 coup.

He also told the court that while at the Qaranivalu's office, he noticed that people were coming to the office complaining about the events in Kalabu and were also complaining about the military.

Turagacati alleged that he was instructed by Ratu Inoke Takiveikata to look for CRW soliders after the Kalabu incident and the instruction was given to him in his office.

However Defense lawyer Filimoni Vosaroqo argued the fact that the Qaranivalu instructed him to contact the CRW soliders.

It was also revealed in court that Turagacati was arrested by the military on 4th November 2000 and was taken to QEB where he was interviewed by Captain Misivono.

Turagacati said while being interviewed, there were armed soldiers in the room and apart from Captain Misivono, the soldiers present there were also asking questions.

The trial continues this afternoon.
Takiveikata is charged with one count of inciting to mutiny between 6th August and 24th September 2000 where it is alleged that he knowingly incited Captain Shane Stephens and Sergeant Manoa Bolafasio to unlawfully take over the Queen Elizabeth Barracks.

Story by: Shalvin Deo Pacific Specialist Healthcare
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