16th June 04:37 PM
Waqainabete visits communities discussing health issues with the public
By Iva Danford
Sunday 13/01/2019
Minister for Health Dr.Ifereimi Waqainabete at the launch of the Courts and Sports World Health & Fitness month

Minister for Health Dr.Ifereimi Waqainabete says since his appointment as the Minister, he has visited communities and settlements to discuss health issues with them and identify ways to make positive behavioral changes in the people.

Waqainabete highlighted this at the launch of the Courts and Sports World Health & Fitness month.

He says he is happy to note that people are inculcating these changes.

The Minister says nutrition and exercise remain the key challenges for the solution to Non Communicable Diseases crisis.

He says they need to keep looking for innovative ways and partner with organisations to make it easier for Fijians to prepare healthy meals and exercise daily.

Waqainabete adds there are 2 barriers with promoting eating and exercising.

The Minister adds the increasing rates of NCD is also a concern for our families in Fiji as the youngest diabetes patient being a 12-year-old child.

Waqainabete says there are growing concerns about the large and escalating burden of chronic, non‑communicable diseases, not just on public health system but also from the economic perspective.

He says NCD is a silent killer that claims many lives and leaves burden on the families and a burden to the nation in terms of the valuable lives lost through NCD’s and also the health costs incurred as a result of direct care needed in the treatment process.

Waqainabete says keeping healthy and fit is also a personal choice for prolonged happiness those we love and for children who depend on us.

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